west chester university student from doylestown stands in solidarity with striking teachers


It seemed like everyone was on Twitter Tuesday night — hunching over, peering at their computer or phone, tuning into the tension building between APSCUF (Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties) and the state system.

Shots were fired.

Shade was thrown.

Memes and gifs over took the replies, adding to the excitement.

And as I tucked myself into bed, trying to get comfy, I listened. From outside my dorm room, one college kid sprinted down the hall screaming, “Wake up! Wake up! Forget Thirsty Thursday! It’s Twisted Tuesday! We’ve got a strike!”

I rolled my eyes. That could change, I thought.

It was doubtful, though, because only an hour earlier when rehearsal for “The Long Christmas Ride Home” ended, and my acting teacher and director, Charlie DelMarcelle, was officially off the clock, he broke the news that the state walked out of the negotiation room.

APSCUF President Kenneth M. Mash took to Facebook Live and said that by the 4:59 a.m. deadline, he would “have a contract in hand or a picket sign.”

There were five hours to go.

When I woke up today, along with many others, I was disappointed that I was reaching for a blue shirt to wear in order to show solidarity for my professors. No deal was reached.

While some students were excited to have a “snow day” or another “fall break,” most students were not. I can’t speak for other majors, but as a theater major, this faculty strike doesn’t just affect classes. Maybe it’s selfish of me to be angry over rehearsals stopping and West Chester’s run of “Once Upon a Mattress” possibly losing its second weekend of shows.

But it is worth the sacrifice, because I stand in solidarity with APSCUF.

Read the full article online at: http://www.theintell.com/life-style/reality/west-chester-university-student-from-doylestown-stands-in-solidarity-with/article_f57752cb-9371-5b16-a542-b3721e1c81b0.html

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