voices from our past share their reality memories

reality turns 20

Stacey Keba

Central Bucks East High School

Years on reality: 2013-14

Even though I was only a panelist during my senior year of high school, the amount of memories I accumulated during that time are immeasurable! The one that stands out from all others, for me, is before I even had the opportunity to meet Andy, Tom and my fellow panelists.

In August 2013, a few months after applying for reality, I was volunteering at the Dublin Carnival with one of my best friends. When it was slow, I yanked out my phone to see an email I had been waiting for: whether or not I had been selected as a panelist. I was so nervous, it took me an hour to work up the nerve to open it (even though I saw it contained an attachment, and attachments are always a good sign). When I finally did and I saw that I was selected, I screamed and threw my phone in celebration like it was a trivial piece of confetti.

At the time I started, reality just seemed like it would be a cool thing to do, and I’d meet that niche of friends I had been waiting for, all while getting to write! And while reality gave that to me, I didn’t realize all of the doors it would open, like being able to give motivational speeches, writing about DigiTour and being accepted into college. But above all, it gave me courage and confidence to pursue writing as a career instead of a hobby.

Right now, as I finish up my gap year from college, I’m busy editing my novel so I can send it out to agents this winter before heading back to West Chester University.

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