tedX and getting rid of 1,000 things

Minimalism is the concept of not decluttering, but disowning. I used to think that minimalism equated to not having a lot of stuff, and not having a lot of stuff meant that I was poor. But disowning belongings made me much freer and richer. I’ve been able to spend a lot more time living for me. On top of that, I feel satisfied and content with what I have as opposed to desiring the things that I don’t have.

I started to develop this mindset last year after stumbling upon this TedX Talk that I invite you to watch right now.

After watching this video, do you think you could get rid of 1,000 items like Liz? What about 500? 100? 50?

All it takes is for you to start with one item. Find something that you never use, something you wouldn’t even notice was gone if it just disappeared one day. Donate that.

And do it again.

It has taken me a year to accomplish this goal, and now I’m challenging you to give this a try, because I believe:

  1. Your house will feel roomier and more open.
  2. Your mind will be more relaxed and clutter free.
  3. Your spending will decrease in the long run. You will be aware of what you buy and why you buy it. It’s will be 10x easier to distinguish wants from needs.
  4. You will never look at an item and think: oh man, I really need to use that. Let me find an excuse to use it. Instead, you will come to appreciate putting to use what you do have.

What are your thoughts on minimalism, decluttering, and disowning? Let me know!

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