how to rock: a maxi romper

Lets be real, the Spring and Summer seasons are practically synonymous with graduation parties and weddings. And I’ve always dreaded them. There’s a delicate balance between looking nice but not too nice. Incorporating fashion for the season while keeping warm, dry, and comfy if you’re smacked with some unruly spring rain, ominous clouds, and lots of wind.

So what’s a peep to do?!?!

The solution is to rock a maxi-romper!

In this photo, I’m wearing one from Francesca’s that I scored on sale! Then, I completed the look with my classic Madden Girl strappy heals (one of my wardrobe staples) and a blazer from H&M (another bomb-ass staple).

The outfit, FYI, was pulled together for a University Theatre Banquet–and omg I felt so CONFIDENT + comfy in my own skin all night long. Also, IDK if it’s clear from this pic, but me and my squad had a lot of fun. 🙂

The whole goal of this outfit was to be able to wear every piece more than once, and I know that by the end of the summer, I’ll have worn this romper out. How could I not? It’s perfect for the beach! Fun trips with friends! Concerts! Dinners! Dates! Banquets!

The list goes on!

(Also, shout out to Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun for saving my pasty ass skin)

minimalist skincare + beauty haul

Good morning, friends!

Even though the New Year arrives tomorrow at midnight, I’m getting a head start on 2017 by posting the first video of a minimalism series.

From just the title, I feel like this post is a bit of a contradiction in terms of me showing off all these items I bought in hopes of them providing me with more enjoyment as I continue my minimalist lifestyle journey. Haha. Oops. Oh well.

In all seriousness though, today I’m sharing with you the one and only shopping haul I embarked on in 2016, which entailed all things beauty and skincare related. I hope that these products will allow me to pamper, treat, and take care of myself…especially my acne prone skin. I hope that by sharing this, it will inspire and give you some new ideas for your self-care routine.  So yes, while this video itself is far from minimalistic, these are (with the exception of maybe ~5~ items) all the items I own in terms of beauty and hygiene…and for me, personally, that is a gigantic feat.

Let me know what you think! I’m sorry the video was so long, but I hope what I shared with you was helpful and entertaining. What are your beauty and skincare must haves?

Comment any ideas for future vids and posts down below, and have a FANTASTIC New Years! Let’s ring in 2017 with a bang!

short hair is just as sexy + beautiful as long hair

Here’s a little anecdote that I’m sure will make you laugh, and allow you to understand where I’m coming from when I say that short hair is just as beautiful and sexy as long locks.

After growing my hair out from something that was a mix between a bob and a bowl (Coconut Head from Ned’s Declassified, anyone?) in elementary school, I quickly allowed my thick, wavy hair to reach my bum. It was soooo long, and everyone thought it was so pretty. But I had a secret.

Under the top layer of my “beautiful” and “feminine” hair was a giant rats nest knot. We had to make a trip to the hairdressers so she could cut it out.

Problem solved, right?


This happened not once and not twice, but three times until I finally learned my lesson. After the third knot, my parents would check to make sure I’d brush it. My dad would threaten me that he’d give me a buzz cut or a crew cut. That threat always scared me into taking care of my hair from that point on.

Like I said before, my hair is thick and wavy, so it’s a pain in the a$$ to straighten, blow dry, and keep frizz away. In middle school, I started wearing my hair in a bun almost every day because I didn’t want to deal with it, and I hated it falling in my face. My dad, being a guy, hates when he sees me wear my hair up. He always asks for me to wear it down, because it’s beautiful.


When I got my hair cut this past week, I did it for the reasons I explained in yesterday’s post. But another reason why I did it was because I was tired of slaving over it. When I came home, my dad was shocked. I think he was sad too. I don’t want to say he hates it (even though he says that he loves anything I do), but he prefers my old hair without a doubt. When I told my boyfriend, Justin, about my dad’s reaction, Justin said it didn’t surprise him.

When I pitched my new hair idea to Justin, he told me to go for it and thought it would look good on me. When I finally got it cut, he loved it, and that is new to him. Justin always thought that girls needed to have long hair to be pretty… until I got my hair cut short. When he saw how flattering and sexy it was, he changed his mind about what makes a girl beautiful. (Cue the confetti and party poppers! A celebration is in order!)

What this little scenario tells me speaks volumes more than just hair style. It’s about women. It’s about what beauty is.

I think one of the reasons why short hair styles (including bobs and pixies) aren’t fully embraced by youthful young women is because they’re not viewed as beautiful. Why is that? Not to get all “raging feminist” on you, but I think the reason is that girls are afraid that the guys in their life won’t think they’re attractive. I mean, save the short hair styles for your thirties, like when you’re “old.” That’s total crap!

Girls, if Shailene Woodley, Emma Watson, Julianne Hough, and countless other celebrities can rock the shortdo, there’s no excuse you can’t too.

Be bold. Be daring.

hoppin into spring with a bob haircut

Springtime is the perfect time for something new!

Last spring, I sprung (haha, get it?) for some bangs, and this year they’re back, but with a little twist:

I got a bob haircut! It’s super short and super layered, and I absolutely ADORE it.

When I went to my wonderful hairdresser (whom I’ve known since a kiddo), she was just as surprised as I was that I was daring enough to chop it all off. Like, 8 inches. Chop. Chop. Chop. The last time my hair was this short, I was in elementary school, and I looked like Scout from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

So, why did I do it? A few reasons (and trust me when I say this…cough, cough, Dad…I did this for no other reason):

Hair Health: For the past couple of years, I’ve really been into dying my hair to follow different seasonal trends. The BIG ones were having my hair ombré in Spring and Summer 2013, adding purple/red highlights put in for winter season, then going lighter and lighter in the Spring and Summer 2014 seasons, before I went as blonde as I desired this past fall and winter. YUCK! Now, luckily, I never heat-treated my hair on a daily basis during those intense dye sessions. I’d always let my hair air dry (I don’t own a hair dryer, and I don’t think I ever will), I never needed to add curl to my already curly hair, and why on earth would I straighten something that’s going to get frizzy? Anyway, now that I’ve cut off all the color and treat my hair with a coconut oil mask once a week, my hair is nothing BUT healthy!

One of my “New Years Resolutions” was to go to the gym and be healthy. I’ve lost the Freshman 15 that I managed to put on in one semester (shhhhhhh!!!) and then some, as well as put on weight…muscle weight! DAMNNNN (whenever I pass by a mirror, I tend to flex…) So, new body, new me!
If Julianne Hough can pull it off (especially in Safe Haven, which is always a viable option when I want to watch a movie), why can’t I?
I couldn’t be happier with my decision, and while you don’t haveeee to get a ‘bob’, be sure to try something new. Playing it safe is soooo last season.