meet the team: sahv


Hello there! My name’s Sahvannah, a.k.a Sahv, because let’s be real, Sahvannah is way too much to type out. But anyway.

A little bit about me is that I’m a sophomore public relations major with a focus in brand management at Temple University. Go Owls! And I’m an 18-year-old who is most commonly known for being obsessed with musicians, always wearing black, making lots of self-deprecating jokes, and staying up until the ass-crack of dawn. When I’m not busy doing homework or going to class, you can find me holed up in my twin-sized college dorm bed, hiding from responsibilities and drowning out the world–and my nutty room mate–with a little help from Chandler Bing and Joey Tribiani.

Not to be cocky, but I could definitely beat you in a game of Friends trivia.

Now that we’re done with all that dating profile shit, I’ll let you know the role that play in this production. As both co-creator and social media manager, I’m mostly responsible for the behind-the-scenes operations here at SMK Sites. I might occasionally pop up in a vlog or video, so stay tuned for some mediocre guest appearances from yours truly.

My specialties may include: filming, lighting, audio dubbing, composing intro and outro music, brand managing, keeping Keebs in line, consuming coffee, and taking impromptu dance breaks.

So, now that you’ve gotten to know me a ‘lil bit, feel free to check out some other areas of the site, or hop on over to our YouTube to watch our latest videos.

Peace out homies, Sahv

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