musician spotlight: overcoats

One of the fun surprises of seeing Matt in concert was to discover the opening act he chose. Overcoats is an “east coast based folk-soul duo” from New York. The team consists of Hana and JJ, and I’ve never heard anything like them before. Why? Well, Sahv could probably explain this better, but the group is so in sync with each other, not only harmonizing, but matching tone.

As an audience member, their sistership was clear, as they gave each other hugs before and after their performance, telling stories about failed flirting attempts with Hozier, and how much fun they have knitting. Oh, and they slay on stage. And when I say slay, I mean it.

Their electronic beat and lyrics of honest artistry blend together into something that the music business needs more of. I’m so tired of filtered pop songs that scorch the radio. Music fans need something more than that. And the Overcoat’s music, just like Matt’s is real. It’s genuine for the purpose of making listeners feel something, even if those feelings are dark and moody. Because, how can we know what lightness and happiness is if we tune out anything unpleasant. Hana and JJ master this balance well just like a yin-yang symbol.

Their music isn’t just entertainment, it’s something spiritual. It’s confessional.

See for yourself.

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