musician spotlight: matt corby

Hey Pals! For the first installment of Musician Spotlight, I’ll be bringing your attention to Matt Corby, an Australian singer-songwriter.

Me and Sahv saw him June 14th at Union Transfer in Philly, and let me just say that if you ever get a chance to go to one of his shows, take it. I cannot stress that enough. Go see Matt. Go see him perform. He is such a sweet individual, and if you’re willing to hang out by his tour bus after the show, he will make time for you. Everyone in the band will. Including Ben, the guitarist. (We may have a low-key infatuation with Ben. Why? I don’t know. It just happened).

Corby has been flying under the radar the past few years ever since his stint on Australian Idol, and I think it’s incredible. He’s in the music business for all the right reasons, none of which appear to be fame and glory. Do you know how happy that makes my heart? While a lot of folks in his position would probably be updating social media like crazy to show off all the cool venues and give fans glimpses into his life, he is a seldom user of it.

He knows how to make fans want more (in a good way). I mean, just look at his 2012 performance for Balcony TV (clip above).

As a musician, Matt is a rare breed where he can just stand there singing and doing what he does best, mesmerizing audience members with it. Can you imagine going to a concert and have there be no dancing? No movement? Just hundreds of people staring, open mouth, letting all of the music soak into every neuron of their body? Go see him in concert, and you will know what I’m talking about. There is no flash, no pizzazz, no dancing, no choreography. Nothing except for talent, a looping device, instruments (including a bad ass flute), a fog machine, and his band.

Now go ahead, take a listen:

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