looking back at the best and worst of 2013


Well, reality panelists can agree on Jennifer Lawrence, “Blurred Lines” and twerking — but not much else.

For our annual year-end issue, we asked them to tell us their favorites and least favorites of 2013 in the world of pop culture. Fifty-five panelists voted in at least some of 25 different categories.

Only a handful of categories featured slam-dunk winners, including Jennifer Lawrence as hottest actress, “Blurred Lines” as most annoying song and twerking as the pop culture trend that needs to go away.

Most categories were incredibly close; Ed Sheeran, for example, beat Justin Timberlake by one vote for favorite male singer, and Miley Cyrus edged Justin Bieber by one vote for most annoying celebrity.

Some categories featured almost no consensus whatsoever; there were dozens of different choices for favorite song, with the winner receiving just four votes.

And just seven votes was all it took for One Direction to earn favorite band.

Here are the results (with additional comments when voters provided them)

HOTTEST ACTRESS: Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence is not only beautiful and a talented actress, she goes against celebrity trends. She promotes eating right and being happy with one’s body. She is inspiring … and “Catching Fire” was a fantastic movie. — Elizabeth Yardley, Pennridge High School

She’s just perfect, OK? — Stacey Keba, Central Bucks East High School

Runner-up: Scarlett Johansson

Others receiving multiple votes: Emma Stone, Emma Watson

HOTTEST ACTOR: Liam Hemsworth

Runners-up: Josh Hutcherson, Leonardo DiCaprio

Others receiving multiple votes: Dave Franco, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Channing Tatum

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