I Have A Writing Coach! Meet Romy from Now Novel

2019 has been a year full of putting on my lady balls and striving for terrifying, exciting milestones. In life. In acting. And in writing.

Back in February, I took a huge leap and hired my first writing coach with the help of Now Novel, an online resource and community centered around one simple goal–to get you to finish writing your book.

Now Novel is a free resource that provides visitors with handy dandy blog posts and e-newsletters (think a beginner version of Writers Digest), and you can sign up to create a writing profile. It’s free, and is basically a place to keep all of your ideas together. There are also probing questions that force you to dig deeper and think more critically about the story you’re trying to tell.

If you want more, you can purchase courses to develop your skillset or you can hire a coach. That’s what I did.

Her name is Romy Sommer (pictured left), an author living in South Africa who hates the cold, but loves writing romance and steamy 1920s novellas. Go and check out her work, especially if you’re on the hunt for something new to devour. Wink. Wink.

Every Monday morning, I send her a chapter or two. Then she reads it, jots down all her notes (so many notes), and tries to get back to me by Friday. But, in the meantime, I usually get motivational emails that force me to sit my ass down and write.

Getting into the habit of writing every day, even if it’s just for 30 minutes is not easy. Especially for me who prefers to binge write for a few weeks, before settling into a nice little 4-month long siesta. Having someone like Romy to report to is such a blessing.

Anyway, Romy really knows her shit, and she’s not afraid to call me out on mine. In a good way. She points out problems with plot and pacing I’m too biased to see, and, heck, sometimes she even points out when I’ve misplaced a comma. What a champ.

With the help of Romy and Now Novel, my coming-of-age, thriller FUGUE: Denial is on it’s way to being literary agent submission ready. One chapter and one week at a time.

P.S. This post is not sponsored at all. Just wanted to share this really cool find. Hope this helps some of you. 🙂

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