honoring reality's class of '14

class of 14

Stacey Keba

Years on panel: 1

High school: Central Bucks East

College: West Chester University

Favorite reality memory: Getting lost in The Intelligencer building at the first meeting as I hunted down the photographer to get my pictures taken. It was super-shady, but a fun adventure, nonetheless.

Favorite reality story: This was super-hard to choose but … “I hurt myself today … to see if I still feel”

10 years from now I’ll be: Living a happy life full of harmony (mind, body and spirit). After receiving my BSE from West Chester and a masters in communication disorders, I’ll be a motivational speaker and advocate for self-worth. As I travel to Ireland, London, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy and various places in North America, I will continue to write and publish a book series.

Parting shot: After writing the article, “I hurt myself today … to see if I still feel,” I was lucky to be given the opportunity to be the first student speaker at The Pride (a school club aiming to help students live a life of excellence). After posting my speech on YouTube in early February, it has received more than 6,000 views. My experience on reality has been eye-opening, cathartic and enlightening. That being said, the best advice I can give is that high school is the time to discover who you are as a person. While you should try your best, do not aim for success. Rather aim for happiness and satisfaction in your accomplishments. If you fail (it’s bound to happen), that is OK! Remember, life isn’t about the knowledge you’ve turned into success, but rather, the knowledge you’ve gained from failure.

Read the full article online at: http://www.theintell.com/life-style/reality/honoring-reality-s-class-of/article_e02175f0-ab79-5365-a928-3d4b83d4591b.html

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