Seventeen-year-old Samantha Brown’s head is pounding, and there’s vomit in her hair.

Her hands press against the glass window of the witness room as she studies the blue eyes of her Uncle Maurice. A lethal cocktail of drugs are pumping into his bloodstream. As his innocent eyes fade to grey, Samantha can do nothing but hate her Undesirable family.

Her family is one of many that comprise the bottom rung of society in the New England Territory. Because of that, she knows her future will prove fruitless unless she bribes a Smuggler to take her through The Gate. Her dream is a simple one: to attend art school in America and live a quiet life creating installations. But if she chooses to save herself, she will abandon her little sister and any hope of finally understanding the politics that condemned her uncle to death.

Desperate to keep Sam from leaving, her boyfriend, Ian, exposes her to a secret renegade group founded by Maurice while he was trapped behind prison walls. Within hours, Sam finds herself encouraged to lead this gang in taking down the corrupt government through a new social movement, The Revival of the Riots. For the first time, Sam faces a group of supporters; however, the memory of growing up ostracized from these very same people is still fresh in her mind, and she’s not sure if she’s ready to forgive and forget.

After all, one Smuggler’s tempting offer still stands.



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