eight reality alumni offer real-life advice for surviving college


Who better to tell you about what to expect in college than the people who are living it now?

Our panel of experts includes reality alumni Samuel Byers (University of Pennsylvania junior), Sarah Cantymagli (Bloomsburg University sophomore), Emily Franko (Boston College junior), Laura Genn (Liberty University freshman), Julia Joseph (Loyola University Maryland sophomore), Stacey Keba (West Chester University freshman), Megan Kloss (St. Joseph’s University freshman) and Jesse Pazdera (Haverford College senior).

Here’s there advice on a variety of topics:

On romance and social life

Leave your door open!

Say hi to the people who walk by your dorm room and get to know them the first few weeks of school (I made my first college friend this way). Keeping it open the rest of the year is a great way to socialize and relax while you’re doing work, too.

— Samuel

Don’t stop making friends after you have friends

Sometimes homework hits like a blizzard and you can’t even locate those first friends in the whirlwind. Sometimes a girl gets a boyfriend and falls off the face of the earth. Sometimes your male friends congregate around a PS4 in their dorm when you were hoping they’d emerge to hang out with you. Sometimes that fabulous friend will be studying abroad next semester. Ultimately, continuing to put yourself out there is worth it — my closest confidants are all people I hardly knew until the second month of school.

— Laura

Become friends with the people in your major

You will be spending a lot of time with those people, especially if your major is small. They become people you can bounce ideas off of and good study buddies!

— Sarah

Have fun, but be smart about it

As an education major, having “fun” on the weekends is a terrifying concept, because if you get an underage (citation) even if it’s by association, you can kiss your degree and any future jobs bye-bye. So, be responsible. Be nice to the security guard in your building if you do decide to venture out. Or, keep it safe, stay in, save yourself the paranoia and play Cards Against Humanity and the expansion packs you brought — you will become great friends with everyone on your floor.

— Stacey

Don’t prioritize people who think you’re optional

Girls, it doesn’t matter how much you love his personality — if a boy can’t be bothered to text you first, he’s just not that into you. If he still shows interest in sudden waves before swinging back into casual, friendly disinterest, he isn’t contemplating a change of heart — he just likes the attention. If he’s happy to see you but you had to invite yourself to his event tonight, he’s just not worth it.

Don’t waste a single second, a single tear, or a single night that you could have spent with a friend who values you. Your feelings are valid, but just keep being your beautiful self and wait for the boy who wants you as much as you want him, not the boy who needs to be convinced.

— Laura

Enjoy being single

Just like in high school, there will probably come a time when all your friends are in relationships, but you aren’t. Don’t fret over this … enjoy being single. You don’t have to worry about making long distance work when you decide on a spur-of-the-moment decision to jet off to Australia or Munich the following semester, or take that dope internship in NYC over the summer.

— Stacey

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