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Guest Post Guidelines

Do you have a rich history of writing and are looking for a space to introduce yourself, post rad content, and connect with readers? Are you knowledgable on topics like organic living, inexpensive and domestic adventures, books so good even non-readers will devour, and all the variables that go into making a great cup of coffee? Or can you provide a cool spin or different point of view on something we’ve already talked about?

Is that a yes we hear?


As a guest-post contributor, it’s essential that what you submit to us for posting jives up with what we do here at SMK Sites–we don’t want you to waste your time writing something that won’t work here, and we don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, so here’s what this blog is all about:

STACEYKEBA.COM is a blog for gypsy souls + coffee addicts who just want to get their sh*t together already, over-haul their life, figure out what they want + how to get it. We commit to taking action. Every. Damn. Day. all while enjoying great brews + even greater friends.

+ Please be advised that SMK Sites accepts guest writers of all genders, ages, and ethnicities. We will never discriminate; however, we will only accept content that reflects our core values and fits our mission statement:

Before you send us your post proposal, check out all the logistical deets below:

1. By submitting to SMK Sites, you give us full ownership of any written or media content, and SMK Sites reserves the right to deny, revise, and edit submissions.

2. Plagiarism will not be tolerated under any circumstance. (Why would you want to anyway? It kinda defeats the purpose of sharing your “voice”, don’t ya think?)

+ All written and media content submissions will be run through a plagiarism and search engine checker.

+ All images must be Copyright free.

++ A great rule of thumb here is if you didn’t snap the photo or if you don’t want SMK Sites to own your photo, do not submit it to us. If that is the case, we will provide curated images for the post++

If any rules are severely violated, all of your posts will be taken down, and no further collaboration with SMK Sites will occur.

3. SMK Sites reserves the right to delete, block, and report vicious, troll-like comments. If a guest contributor is discovered writing these comments, their comments will be blocked, and all ties between the contributor and SMK Sites will be severed.

+ Please note that there is a huge difference between writing malicious comments and providing your honest, constructive opinion.

+ Please also note that certain subjects will not be tolerated in blog posts or comments:

+ Politics

+ Hate Speech

+ Preaching (Feel free to give your opinion, but don’t make readers feel like a piece of shit for not doing what you think’s best)

4. We hope that you’re familiar with SMK Sites and that’s why you’ve decided to become a guest-poster, but if you’re new here, welcome. Before you submit proposal ideas to us, please familiar yourself with our Terms and Conditions + Privacy Policy, then check our categories for topics to discuss. If we deny your proposal, feel free to submit another–we want to share your voice. We will only deny your proposal if it falls under one of these circumstances:

+ It goes against our core-values.

+ It contains politics, hate speech, or preaching (in topic or tone).

+ We’ve already written on it from that angle.

5. Please note that guest contributions are unpaid, and if you plan on contributing regularly, please vary the type of content you post. You can always write for the same category, but not on the same exact subject.

6. All content must be submitted 1 week (7 days) before it’s scheduled for revisions, edits, and approval.

+ When submitting a blog post for revision, please provide links to all resources and references you utilized. (I.e. Previous posts you’ve written, other posts on SMK sites, news articles on the internet, where readers can purchase items you mentioned).

7. When you post to our blog, you understand that we are indefinitely raising donations for our chosen charity, Days for Girls International. We will donate 10% of all revenue generated on the blog, which includes (but is not limited to) click-through affiliate links and Shoppr purchases on the site. This policy includes guest posts.

Ready to get started? Send us an E-mail proposal in the following format:


Subject line: Your Name Guest Post Proposal

Body: Feel free to say hi and tell us your name, but no need for lengthy introductions. Just include your 3-5 sentence proposal (short, sweet, + to the point), a 2-3 sentence bio, a photo of you (to prove you’re not a robot + so we get to know you), and any relevant links to your blog, Instagram, or other social media accounts.

Average response time: 48 hours

And that’s it!

We’re excited, and we hope you are too!

handwritten blog send off image that says, "All the love and until next time, SMK"