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Go wherever the wind takes you

Summer vacation is a gift, but sometimes the excitement fades fast, especially during the dog days. After getting back from vacation, I’ve been all caught up in my mundane daily routine. It’s during this time I forget there is an entire world out there waiting to be discovered!

So, what’s my go-to solution? Take a car trip and go wherever the wind takes me! Get in the car with all your friends, pitch in a few bucks for gas (and snacks), bring a mixed CD with all your favorite tunes (don’t count on excellent radio service) and hit the road without the guidance of the GPS.

My latest adventure with my friends took me through Nockamixon, in the boonies where there’s no cell service, and to Bowman’s Tower. It was such a crazy trip with laughs, excitement and ghost stories. The night ended with a bonfire at some random park my pals and I never knew existed!

This fun trip will be sure to be mentioned in the “Remember when …” conversations my friends and I have for years to come.

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