music mix: covers galore for a cozy night in

When I was in high school, I always imagined spring break as the opportune time to spread out on a beach blanket, on a yacht, and drink frozen daiquiris.

Ok, I knew it never would actually happen because I’m a high key, broke-as-hell theatre student. But what I didn’t expect was to be trapped inside as Winter Storm Stella took her toll. Kinda awful. But kinda right up my ally (like I need another excuse to stay in and read or watch a Lord of the Rings marathon).

However, I’ve decided to take a few minutes and be the productive blogger that I am.

You know what that means?

As I’m curled up in bed with a cup of tea, I’m sharing with you some covers that I can’t stop grooving to. I didn’t plan to include three Ed songs…it just happened. But they’re damn good. So, get listening!

15 struggles of being a theatre major


Thanks to popular culture and mass media, we all know college is a weird place, but somehow the theater department provides a level of surrealism rarely attained by any other major on campus. On a day to day basis, your life in the theater department is no more reliable than a coin toss–sometimes it’s fantastic, but other times, it’s exceptionally painful. Here are 15 moments that will leave you wondering whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the crazy nonsense of this outrageous department.

1. Being the “new kid” has never been more terrifying.

Cady Bathroom Gif

It’s nearly impossible to start a conversation with someone because everyone’s already deep in the middle of a conversation. And you can’t help but wonder if all the “clique” stereotypes are true.

2. You accept that you’ll be single and alone for a while.

Whatever Tinder Gif

Let’s just say if you’re a straight, cis-gendered individual looking for love, it’s not easy. But if you do manage to date someone and break up, there’s a good chance you blew your one shot.

So, if you really want to date, you may just be forced to swallow your pride and re- download Tinder… even though you swore never again.

3. You don’t know what other involvements are.

DW Doesn't Go Outside

What even is life outside of EO Bull? When was the last time I left this building?

4. Everyone knows everything about everyone.

Mean Girls Hair Full of Secrets Gif

Secrets and personal problems spread like wildfire. Trust no one.

5. When you’re not cast, you feel like a lost puppy.

When You're Not Cast Gif

You’ll probably wonder what you did last semester before getting cast, why is there no director breathing down your neck to be off book, and why there is no stage manager ordering you to be somewhere from 6 to 10 each night.

And there’s a good chance you’ll wander around the theater building when there’s no reason for you to be these just so you can remember the “good ole days.”

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“as we see it” and other student written one acts set to open next month

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Curious about our season? All tickets to West Chester University performances can be purchased online or at the box office.

wcu takes montclair // kcactf day 1

this weekend, university theatre raised over $10,000 for broadway cares / equity fights aids


This weekend, University Theatre raised over $10,000 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids