“berry good” tossed salad with grilled chicken

Even though it’s not summer yet, I’m going to pretend it is and share with you my favorite salad–well, it was before I went veggie. Eating healthy sometimes sounds very unappealing, but I know for me at least, I tend to eat a lot more healthy if whatever healthy food that’s on my plate looks appealing and colorful. If you’re the same way, this salad is THE. ONE. FOR. YOU.

Just tossing the ingredients together really quick and throwing it on a plate or keeping the mix in the bowl is like having Picasso as your own personal chef. Could you imagine? 😍 So, if you’ve never had this type of salad (I can’t fathom that because I eat it all the time), keep reading for the recipe, try it out, and thank me later.

Ready in 15 minutes! Serves 2.

+ 1 ½ cup Arugula
+ 1 ½ cup Kale
+ 1 ½ cup Spinach
+ ½ Granny Smith Green Apple; thinly sliced
+ 1/4 lemon cut into wedges
+ ¼ cup raspberries
+ ¼ cup blueberries
+ ¼ cup of blackberries
+ ¼ cup of strawberries (quartered)
+ 1/3 cup of walnuts (glazed or plain)
+ 100g boneless skinless chicken breast halves
+ ¼ tsp. salt
+ ¼ tsp. pepper
+ 1/3 crumbled feta cheese


+ Preheat the oven to 390°F
+ Prep chicken breasts: rinse, dry with a paper towel, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place on a tray for cooking and spray lightly with cooking oil.
+ Ration out the remaining ingredients (except lemon) and place in a large bowl (bigger than you think you need) and toss.
+ Place chicken in the oven. Cook 4-7 minutes on each side or until a thermometer reads 165°F.
+ Remove chicken from oven and let cool for a few minutes.
+ Cut chicken into bite-size pieces.
+ Toss into salad
+ Serve with lemon wedges**, and ENJOY

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***I am not a chef. Or all that creative, let's be real. Didn't McDonald's sell this salad at some point?

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