tedX and getting rid of 1,000 things

Minimalism is the concept of not decluttering, but disowning. I used to think that minimalism equated to not having a lot of stuff, and not having a lot of stuff meant that I was poor. But disowning belongings made me much freer and richer. I’ve been able to spend a lot more time living for me. On top of that, I feel satisfied and content with what I have as opposed to desiring the things that I don’t have.

I started to develop this mindset last year after stumbling upon this TedX Talk that I invite you to watch right now.

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5 things to purge from our closets


Thanks to the beautiful weather this week, I’ve been reaching for all my cute spring outfits that have been stored away for too long. However, each time I’ve reached for my clothes, I’ve become frustrated due to all the nonsense pieces I forgot I owned that are impossible to make into an outfit. I realized that my annual spring wardrobe clean out needed to come early. So here are five things you probably own that you can purge right now.

1. All the clothes you have to think about wearing


I’ve been doing a lot of Pinterest scouring lately on tips to become a minimalist, especially in terms of clothing. A lot of the articles I stumbled upon grouped clothing into 4 general categories: I love these clothes, I want to keep this for some reason but can’t place a finger on it, clothes don’t fit, clothes are ruined.

So with this, put the LOVE pile back in your closet. Take any ruined clothes to a textile recycling location. Donate any clothes that don’t fit to a non-profit collection. Then it’s time to deal with the MAYBE pile. If any of the articles provide a form of “function” to your wardrobe that you don’t need on the day-to-day, but you know you’ll actually use, like hiking boots and ski pants, then place them back in your closet.

Ready for the next part?

Donate or recycle the rest.

If you have to think about whether something is worth keeping, it’s not

2. And likewise, clothes that don’t fit your lifestyle


We’ve all been there: you step into the store for one specific item but you see this super cute red dress that you try on against your better judgment, look amazing in it, create an event in your mind of when you can wear that dress, buy it, then hang it up in your closet. Every time you get dressed then, you come face to face with that unwearable dress and it taunts you. Just…say goodbye to it. Give it to your roommate or a friend.

3. Crew necks and tee-shirts


There comes a point in time where you can only wear so many of these t-shirts and crewnecks in the span of a week…two weeks…three…however long it is that you wait to do your laundry. So go ahead and get rid of a good portion of them that you can’t remember wearing. Or, find someone to make a quilt out of them for you. And make sure you put that quilt to use…don’t just save it in a box.

Read the full article online at: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/start-downsizing-closet-purging-5-things

15 struggles of being a theatre major


Thanks to popular culture and mass media, we all know college is a weird place, but somehow the theater department provides a level of surrealism rarely attained by any other major on campus. On a day to day basis, your life in the theater department is no more reliable than a coin toss–sometimes it’s fantastic, but other times, it’s exceptionally painful. Here are 15 moments that will leave you wondering whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the crazy nonsense of this outrageous department.

1. Being the “new kid” has never been more terrifying.

Cady Bathroom Gif

It’s nearly impossible to start a conversation with someone because everyone’s already deep in the middle of a conversation. And you can’t help but wonder if all the “clique” stereotypes are true.

2. You accept that you’ll be single and alone for a while.

Whatever Tinder Gif

Let’s just say if you’re a straight, cis-gendered individual looking for love, it’s not easy. But if you do manage to date someone and break up, there’s a good chance you blew your one shot.

So, if you really want to date, you may just be forced to swallow your pride and re- download Tinder… even though you swore never again.

3. You don’t know what other involvements are.

DW Doesn't Go Outside

What even is life outside of EO Bull? When was the last time I left this building?

4. Everyone knows everything about everyone.

Mean Girls Hair Full of Secrets Gif

Secrets and personal problems spread like wildfire. Trust no one.

5. When you’re not cast, you feel like a lost puppy.

When You're Not Cast Gif

You’ll probably wonder what you did last semester before getting cast, why is there no director breathing down your neck to be off book, and why there is no stage manager ordering you to be somewhere from 6 to 10 each night.

And there’s a good chance you’ll wander around the theater building when there’s no reason for you to be these just so you can remember the “good ole days.”

Read the full article online at: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/15-struggles-theatre-major

“as we see it” and other student written one acts set to open next month

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Curious about our season? All tickets to West Chester University performances can be purchased online or at the box office.

5 quick tips: how to set yourself up for the best weekend ever + get all those crap obligations done asap

Ah, so it’s Friday. You’re finishing up all your classes that you can’t be bothered with at all, because all you can think about is how amazing the weekend will be. Or, on the flip side, you’re stressed out due to all your homework, upcoming projects, and your part time job. Either way, you know that as much as you hate to admit it, there’s a good chance you’ll leave all your important stuff until Sunday night after the Super Bowl–or, maybe you’ll leave it all undone and be stressed tf out Monday morning. So, how do we keep that from happening? Keep reading for 5 quick tricks on how to get all those crap obligations done.

1. Make a list. It’s time to take about 15 minutes to get a notebook out, and word vomit all over the page with anything and everything you want to get done or feel you should get done. This list should include everything from big to small. This might include: Homework assignments, projects, housing paperwork, bills, applying for jobs, going to work, applying for internships, deciding if you want to go to that party you were invited to, calling family members, grocery shopping, working out, doing your laundry and dishes, catching up on Black Mirror, etc.

Now, go through that list and rank every item in order of importance.

2. Budget your time and set a deadline.

This step is probably the one that you will struggle with the most, because I know I do. As much as I try to be a college adult and commit myself to getting things done, I often face resistance within myself. I push everything off until the last minute, preferring to go on instagram, youtube, read, or write instead of doing all the things I need to do. So this is why, you need to set a deadline.

For me, I make my deadline 5pm on Fridays, because I figure that’s when millions of other people are getting out of work, driving home, and looking forward to weekend festivities. It’s a motivator for me. You could set it for any point, or if you’d like you could budget your time to work on projects until say 5pm Friday, then from 9am-noon on Saturday–whatever suits you. Just a word of caution if you break up work into multiple days, you’ll have to be sure you can commit yourself to it. So, say if you’re going to a party and drinking Friday night, there’s a good chance you’re not going to wake up to do homework.

The sooner you get things done, the better.

Now, once you’ve set your deadline, budget your time. Ask yourself, “how long should this assignment or task take?” and “how long am I willing to spend on this?” Maybe you know that calling up your bank will take 10 minutes with an extra 5 minutes to give yourself a pep talk before calling someone on the phone, and your math homework will take an hour. You’re willing to allocate an hour and a half to your philosophy paper, and thirty minutes to doing chores, etc.

3. Remove distractions. The third step is to actually go somewhere where you know you’ll be productive. This might be your desk in your dorm, the library, or the student union. Go where you may, bring along snacks, water, coffee, tea, etc, and turn off your phone. Log out of all your social media accounts, turn off the wifi, etc. Focus on only what you said you’ll do, and don’t fret about anything else. Work for however long you need to, and practice the 50-10 rule. Work for 50 minutes, then give yourself a 10 minute break, this way you can check social media, use the bathroom, whatever you need, and it will help you stay motivated. Another helpful thing to do during those breaks is to create an “I did” list. Instead of a “To-Do” list, you write down everything you did during the day/during your work period, so that way you acknowledge your accomplishments. It’s a nice motivation boost!

4. Determine what you need. Once all the “boring stuff” is out of the way, go back to the list you originally created. Ask yourself “What will bring me joy?”, “What will make me happy?”, and “How am I feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, etc?” Circle the things on your list that cater to how you feel. Maybe you feel super slugish and know that a quick workout at the gym would help you better your mood and energy level. Maybe you’re in the market for some amazing food, a spa/pamper night, a nap, or hanging with friends.

Whatever it is, take advantage of it. Don’t cheat yourself on getting what you need by being lazy. Let’s all be honest–we’ve done this. We really want pizza, but decide laying in bed on your phone for two hours will be the magic touch that makes pizza appear out of thin air. Right? I can’t be the only one.

5. Phone a friend, even if that friend is a good book. Last thing is find some time to be social, catch up with your friends. If you’re in the mood for pizza, ask your friend to tag along. Make a night of it. It can be a quick trip to the pizza place, or it can be go into town, get pizza at that amazing restaurant you’ve wanted to try out, have a drink or two, and then watch movies. Or you might prefer to have a low key night, curl up in bed with an amazing cup of tea or glass of wine and an amazing book.

Whatever it is you desire, don’t let laziness and stress get in the way of you having an amazing and memorable weekend. If you get all your obligations done, you’ll have plenty of time for adventures from exploring your college town to waking up early to take cool pics at the farmers market.