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STACEYKEBA.COM is a place for gypsy souls + coffee addicts who just want to get their sh*t together already, over-haul their life, figure out what they want + how to get it. We commit to taking action. Every. Damn. Day. all while enjoying great brews + even greater friends.
Keba created this community way back during her junior year of high school, and it served as a “one-stop shop” for family members and friends to keep up to date on all of her slam poems, YouTube videos, and later, her weekly teen reality newspaper articles. For the most part, the blog was written and designed with just an hour of effort each morning before school while sipping americanos in local coffee shops. It was a slice of heaven.
But after graduating in 2014, heading off to college, and no longer writing consistently for Calkins Media, the blog lost its purpose and identity. Sometimes littered with op-ed rants, random recipes, and musician spotlight posts, nothing felt right and everything felt like a burden. Chronic writers block was real. To Stacey, the forum served as a mirrored reflection of her: scattered, lost, and trying to figure out how both her and her blog fit into the world.
Finally, after four years of pursing dead end passion and blog projects, dropping in and out of college like it was a social engagement, and struggling with mental health issues like anxiety, cyclical depression and PTSD, the universe kicked down the doors and took control. Enough was enough. It was September 2017, and after leaving college for the 3rd and final time just four weeks into the semester, moving back in with her family, and starting intensive outpatient trauma therapy, all she could think about was how derailed and beyond repair life was. Or so she thought.
But the universe wasn’t being a total jack ass. Even though it wasn’t clear at the time, the universe was, in fact, delivering everything Stacey spent months visualizing and manifesting–a future full of love, forgiveness, and freedom, along with plenty of time to choose new values, new people, and new adventures. Inspired by her full-time job as a barista, as well as popular lifestyle, holistic, and travel blogs like Rachel Talbott, Raw Alignment, Erik Conover, and Mr. Kate, Stacey decided on re-branding this blog (and her life) with the help of her best friend, Sahv.
Today, almost one year after pursing a fresh start, Stacey is excited to share her journey with all of you with hopes that it will make your day a little bit brighter.
Anything and everything related to coffee houses–music, recipes, stories, books, etc. When you read this blog, I want you to feel like you’re sitting in a coffee shop catching up with a friend! When Sahv and I started re-branding, I explained to her that I wanted the atmosphere to be akin to “a digital third space where millennial women can tune into themselves while picking up their skinny vanilla latte,” and that will always stand.
YES! Me and my boyfriend, Joe, are heading off to Southern California (primarily San Diego + LA) for 8 days in October. My brain is going crazy with content ideas.
Instagram for sure! I am such a visual person + even if I don’t post too much (I’m all about posting quality content over quantity), I’m always active on stories! But, you can also catch me on Twitter. I’m trying to get into that again. Also, since Twitter isn’t as big as it used to be + has less active users, I think it’s a really good time to reach out to people, since there’s a much higher chance you’ll be noticed. Follow me @staceykeba
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