Reality panelists share their ‘real’ New Years resolutions

reality resolutions

Now that the holidays are over, a storm is coming. You’ve probably seen the memes, the references and the jokes as you’ve scrolled through social media, all condemning both New Year’s resolutions and the millions of people who make them.

And here on reality, we have all fallen into the trap of letting the infamous mantra “New Year, New Me” guide us into previous new years. All for about a month, that is.

But we’re teenagers, and our lives are busy and hectic, between all the malarkey that comes with school (AP cumulative midterms, anyone?) and awkward (or extremely successful) social lives, so it’s downright unlikely that we’ll have time to exercise, become organized or chug those eight glasses of water EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Heck, we barely have time to sleep for more than 40 minutes.

So this year, we’re switching things up and making “resolutions” that we’ll probably excel at while we do what we do best: Seeing how many hours of Netflix we can clock in before our impending pile of obligations causes us distress … while we click “Play next episode.”

My “resolution”: Settle on an Instagram theme to make my account more aesthetically pleasing.

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