Promposal: The stars are aligned


I was overcoming a cold virus, and I had to force myself out of bed to go to a recent reality meeting.

Usually, getting better would have been the priority, but that Tuesday night was different. I was bringing my friend Justin to the meeting, since he expressed interest in it when I told him about the last one. He also told me he had a surprise for me, and I wanted to know what it was.

When we arrived, he pulled out a box from his backpack and it contained a Willow Tree statue of a mother and a daughter. It was such a sweet present from him and his family, but I couldn’t help feel a tad disappointed. I wanted him to ask me to prom.

We went into the meeting and after being put on the spot about our “relationship,” the topic of conversation switched to prom. (Hmm, what great timing!)

Justin leaned over to me and asked if I was going with anyone. I told him I wasn’t sure and I might go with friends because I didn’t think anyone would ask me. (Hint … hint …) When I asked him the same, he replied: “I’ll just have to play it by ear.”

The meeting ended and I drove him home. When I pulled into his driveway, he pulled something else out of his backpack, telling me he likes to “keep me on my toes.” It was a candle tin that contained folded paper stars in all different colors. On the inside of each star, Justin had written a favorite quote of his.

There was one blue paper star that stood out and was taped to the underside of the lid. With my fingers trembling, Justin had to help me open it. On the inside it asked, “Prom?” I was completely speechless.

Yet, my speechlessness and shocked face scared Justin, and he thought I was going to say no.

How could I say no? It was a perfect promposal.

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