Backtalk from readers


Moved to respond

I never write these types of letters, but this morning when I read the article on cutting by Stacey Keba I was prompted in my heart to write.

Stacey, what a courageous article you have written. It is powerfully written and gets an important message out. I am so glad you had a teacher who you could trust enough to ask for help. That teacher will be an even better teacher in the future knowing that they were there when you needed them.

You are obviously a pretty incredible person to have been able to write this article, and by doing so you have touched the lives of many people whom you will never even know!

Keep on taking each day by day.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Lisa Dugery

‘Amazingly courageous’

I’m calling about today’s reality cover story. Stacey is amazingly courageous to share her story in the newspaper like that. This story is bound to help a lot of kids — and maybe some adults, too, because this doesn’t just affect kids. Thank you for publishing this story.


Read the full article online at:

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