Tickets going fast for CB East’s ‘Sound of Music’



I don’t want to say “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo made the Patriot Players who they are, but it did give them a larger fan base with the students.

Since their performance of the French classic three years ago, tickets to their shows have sold out before the general public could get their hands on them.

Just because the school bell rings at 2:30 p.m. doesn’t mean every kid goes running home. For the Patriot Players Company, it usually means hanging out until 5 contributing to the show.

It doesn’t matter if you’re center stage, an extra, on the catwalk, creating costumes or painting windows, we’re all hands on deck.

Director Sasha Eisenberg, producer Lydia Fichtman, crew director Michael Grieco and costume director Lori Jones have been just as dedicated as their students.

We are a family here at CB East, which is why wearing show shirts on Fridays is one of my favorite things.

Well, the halls have come alive in CB East these past eight weeks, and by the end of November, the Patriot Players will be tackling the universally known musical “The Sound of Music.”

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