14 reasons my old car is better than yours


There’s a lot I’ve learned in the two years I’ve had my license. Yet the most important is that, while my car may be beat up, it has given me so many opportunities.

It gets me to school, my part-time jobs, extracurricular activities and road-trip adventures. So far, I’ve managed not to hit anyone (or their car) and despite my sometimes-speedy nature, I have had no moving violations.

Even though I have a 14-year-old GMC in a sea of BMWs, I can faithfully say my car is better than your car.

1. While it’s considered a GMC Jimmy, her name is Jenny.

2. Jenny has tons of character and isn’t afraid to be herself, even if it drives me insane. For example, her belt squeals (and sometimes chirps), especially when it’s rainy outside.

3. You can hear me coming even before Jenny and I enter your line of vision. I like to ignore that wonderful sound by turning my radio up as loud as I can.

4. However, if I have my music too loud, the stereo rattles constantly. So the solution? Turn Radio 104.5 up louder.

5. It’s saved my life on a few occasions. I mean, after a small mishap with black ice one Monday morning in January, Jenny only endured a few minor scratches. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal after she took out a mailbox and a trash can, and slid horizontally on the road. Even though I saw my life flash before my eyes, Jenny kept me safe by avoiding hitting a dozen trees, and allowed me to regain control before I flipped into an icy pond. Gotta love 4-wheel drive.

6. You can hardly notice the dent on the back bumper Jenny received after I backed into a brick wall at a family friend’s house while cat-sitting last summer.

7. Whenever I hit the brakes, even if it’s just a little tap, Jenny makes a terrible clunking noise. It sounds like I change gears while the car is in motion but I’m not…

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Check out Jenny’s theme song, “867-5309/ Jenny” by Tommy Tutone:

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